Discover the secret to healthy, glowing skin and be inspired by the Blue Zones lifestyle.



Dyut was born with the inspiration to use and celebrate the traditions and well-being habits of the Blue Zones and direct them to create effective skincare that at the same time contains as many natural ingredients as possible. Italy and Greece include two Blue Zones and in general the Mediterranean area is well known for the longevity and health of its inhabitants. It is clear that the lifestyle, the type of food consumed and the habits of the people who live in these areas are an excellent source of inspiration for skin care.

Our products are made with a combination of ingredients that include olive oil, aloe vera, chamomile, truffle, used for centuries in Mediterranean cultures for their nutritional and healing properties, and which we have combined with modern elements for skin care and with active ingredients present in other Blue Zones of the world.


We believe in research-based product development, with the aim of creating effective products with visible and scientifically proven benefits. With our research partners, we are committed to including many natural ingredients in our line that are in perfect relation to the biochemistry of the skin.

The ingredients come from:

Medicinal herbs: The ingredients inherited from the ancient tradition of those who live in the Blue Zones.

Flora: Italy and Greece, countries with 2 locations that are part of the Blue Zones, have a rich endemic flora that is known worldwide for its multiple benefits in cosmetic use.

Food: Ingredients also used on our tables that bring benefits and have useful properties also for skin care.

Natural active ingredients: Our production partners use fresh natural active ingredients extracted in the laboratory with proven effectiveness and methods. The fresh active ingredients guarantee maximum absorption and maximum effectiveness on the skin.



silicones, parabens, microplastics, mineral oils, formaldehyde, artificial colours, dry alcohol

Fresh product.

Our products are made in small batches. We believe in fresh raw materials and active ingredients that benefit the skin without being invasive.

For this reason our products, when used in combination with each other, have visible and long-lasting results. From the first applications, we aim to make you perceive the effectiveness of the Dyut formulations, designed to be highly absorbent.

Our commitment is to bring a positive change to your skincare routine and ensure that it does not become a duty, but a pleasure.

Our packaging is based on the idea of ​​maintaining a simple design to focus attention on what is really important, the content of Dyut products.

Ph Neutral

Our priority is the health and effectiveness of the products on your skin. By creating powerful, pH-friendly, skin-friendly formulations, we've developed products we're proud of.

Our textures are optimally absorbed to achieve visible results. Plus, our formulations contain active, fresh ingredients that restore skin to its healthiest, brightest state.

The ingredients of plant origin are biocompatible, that is, they have a molecular structure that the skin accepts and recognizes and can therefore integrate as best as possible.